Mission & Vision

We believe in our NGO’s mission, “Where there is hope, there is life” and it is our belief that patients, especially children suffering from cancer should have a fulfilled life even as they undergo treatment. Our aim is to provide the best medical facility available and our assistance even extends to psychological and emotional support to help children and their families. We also promote awareness for early detection of the disease and encourage time bound treatment.

CANCER FIGHT FOUNDATION is Registered Under West Bengal Trust Act 1880 with Registration no: 02343/15 CANCER FIGHT FOUNDATION is associated with Cancer Care India (CACI) : An apex body for cancer support organization in the country.


"Coming together is a being; keeping together is a progress,Working together is a success."

Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute

Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI) is a cancer care hospital and one of the 25 Regional Cancer Centre’s in India. It is located in Kolkata near Jatin Das Park metro station and Hazra. CNCI, started in 1957 and was developed as a centre for research. Today research in CNCI has reorganized its infrastructure both for basic and clinical research to include need based contemporary as well as futuristic research areas

We have been associated with CNCI, since November’2013., to support the Stoma patients and Paediatric Cancer patients. Our clinic timings in all Tuesdays, between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.

Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital

We have been associated with this renowned hospital- Saroj Gupta Cancer and Research Institute ( SGCC&RI) at MG Road at Thakurpukur, Kolkata,-700 063 from 1st April 2016. Our concerned activities are to take care of the Colostomy Patients at the Stoma Clinic, every Friday from 2.00pm - 4.00pm. We offer Counseling and Training sessions to newly diagnosed Stoma Patients and various other supports too. Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital is the brain child of Dr Saroj Gupta, the renowned Oncologist of West Bengal. Through his untiring efforts ably supported by common people, this centre has been doing excellent work in the field of cancer serving people from Eastern India and neighboring countries like Bangladesh

Our Beneficiaries

Cancer Fight Foundation is a non-governmental organization, has two major Projects at Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute :

  • Stoma cancer patients medical support and community based self sustainable program
  • Paediatric cancer patients medical support and rehabilitation program.

Paediatric Support

Our first project at Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, is to look after all the children, who are poverty-ridden patients below 15 yrs of age suffering from cancer and when detected. We support the children admitted in the 9 beds at the Paediatric Ward with medicines, investigations, and also provide them with various nutritional support. We also take active interest in celebrating various festivals such as: Republic Day, Saraswati Puja, Independence Day, Christmas Day, etc. We also organize Magic Shows, Puppet Shows, drawing competitions to entertain and engage their parents. We also support the children with books, tuitions for their re-habilitation in the society.

Stoma Support

Our second project is, supporting the Stoma Patients at Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute and Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital too. As soon as they are admitted, and referred to us, we start taking care by studying their case history and then do necessary counseling.. We also have a Stoma Care Specialist, who is solely responsible for providing care and services to the stoma patients as and when required. After the surgery we support to all the patients the accessories required at a very nominal cost. We maintain data sheet for all the patients under our care, for recording their progress, routine follow-ups and regular counseling.


Nabonita Roy’s Fighting spirit:

She was first detected with Recto Sigmoid Colonic Cancer in 2005, when she was 22years old student. Overcoming financial hardship & emotional struggles, she underwent surgery & Chemotherapy, then was eventually recovered. After recovery, she got married & led a healthy & normal life. However, in 2013, the Cancer recurred & then she had to go under knife again. This time larger segment of Colon was removed and a temporary Colostomy was done. After completing the full course of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, the Colostomy was closed and was able to pass stool normally after another operation. Today, she is a self - dependent individual and through her experience, she is encouraging and setting an example for people who are suffering from Cancer.

Tushar's Success Story

Tushar Karmakar

Since 2010 he was having acute pain in his stomach, vomiting continuously and could not eat any food at all. After all his medical check ups, it was found that he had a tumour in his stomach which has to be operated. After the surgery, the biopsy report showed the symptom of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. He was then referred to Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute at Hazra. After proper treatment for one year including the 6 cycle of Chemotherapy he started improving gradually. Today he is leading a normal life. His mother is working in a cooperative to sustain herself and is single handedly taking care of Tushar. Now he is disease free & pursuing his studies and we are supporting him in various ways.